Ultimate Artificial Inshore Tactics & Tackle Pack

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This supply drop includes: 

  • Various fluorocarbon leader 
  • Various premium jig heads 
  • Various weighted-shank twist lock hooks 
  • Rigged shrimp 
  • Top Water lures 
  • Suspended Twitch Baits 
  • Various soft plastics: Jerk Shads & Paddle Tails 
  • Bucktail Jigs 
  • Spoon 
  • Swim Bait 
  • Knot & Rigging tutorials
  • Suggested Rod and Reel accompaniments 

Tackle hand picked and compiled from hundreds of surveys of members and captains.  Packed full from the best brands in the fishing industry such as Livetarget, DOA, Unfair Lures, Zman, Mirrolure, Heddon, Seaguar, Owner, & more (some you may not have heard of but should)!  Perfectly balanced tactics & tackle to take on any inshore saltwater species via artificial lures.  

As an added bonus, this supply drop comes in a resealable water tight packaging great for keeping your gear dry and out of saltwater’s destructive reach.  Please remember to reduce, reuse, & recycle. Keep our waters and sea life  clean and healthy so that we and our future generations may sustain and protect our awesome sport.