RFA™ Chill-N-Reel™ Monthly Tournaments


Starting November 1st, 2020 Rebel Fishing Alliance will host a virtual online tournament.  


Tournament Entry: Three ways to enter the RFA Chill-N-Reel™ Monthly Tournaments:  Purchase one of 2 Chill-N-Reel models:

Click here for the  RFA Pro Chill Angler™

Click here for the RFA Chill-N-Reel OG™

Or if you already have a Chill-N-Reel™ but want to enter into the contest you can purchase a RFA decal to affix to your current Chill-N-Reel™ that will serve as your RFA Chill-N-Reel™ Monthly tournament token.

With your purchase of the RFA Chill-N-Reel you’re automatically qualified for each monthly tournament!

Tournament Rules: 

The RFA Chill-N-Reel™ Monthly Tournament series competition is open to all anglers that purchase an entry fee in one of the three methods outlined above.  Tournament  entries are subject to while supplies last.  All Anglers must have the appropriate fishing license for the waters fished and understand all fishing regulations that affect the waters you choose to fish. Rebel Fishing Alliance is not responsible for contestants knowledge or lack of knowledge of angling/recreational fishing laws and breaking any of those laws will result in disqualification from the monthly contests without reimbursement.

Fishing Methods:
All baits (live, artificial, organic) are accepted.  Only fish caught using the RFA Chill-N-Reel™ product are eligible to be submitted.   

Qualifying Fish:
All legal species of fish are eligible for the photo/video submissions.  
Your RFA Chill-N-Reel™ must be visible in all photo/video submissions.  Improper handling of any fish or violations of local, state, or federal laws and/or protected species will result in immediate disqualification from monthly contests without reimbursement.  If the caught fish will not be legally harvested, please consider returning to the water quickly and safely.  

Judging of Submitted Fish:

Tournament Pictures/videos will be judged by tournament Director or the director’s approved judges.  Photos/Videos that do not meet requirements will not be posted for social engagement scoring.  The Tournament Director and Staff will be solely responsible and retain the right to declare any photo/video unacceptable.

Entering your catch:

 Ensure your RFA Chill-N-Reel™ is plainly visible in any photo or video submissions.  Acceptable methods of photo/video submission:

  • Tag @RebelFishingAlliance on Instagram and/or Facebook 
  • Email Photo or Video to RebelFishingAlliance@Gmail.com 
  • Direct/Private Message to @RebelFishingAlliance on Instagram and/or Facebook 

Competitors may submit unlimited entries.  

Scoring of photo/video submissions:

Rebel Fishing Alliance will post eligible submissions to Rebel Fishing Alliance Facebook and Instagram pages and website forum at RFA.Fish.  The single submission post with the highest social engagement by the closing of the monthly tournament will be declared the winner.    

In the event of a tie, the following criteria will decide the winner.  Social reach + Social engagement of any single submission.  Then total social engagement of all submissions for that monthly contest for an individual angler.    

Monthly contest deadlines:

Submissions entered during calendar month will only be eligible for that calendar month.  Monthly contests will commence at first safe light on the first day of the month and scoring will close at 11:59pm on the final day of the calendar month.  Monthly contest prizes will be announced at minimum 5 days before the new monthly contest commences.  Winners of each monthly contest will be announced no later than the 2nd of each calendar month.   

Safety Regulations:
Rebel Fishing Alliance encourages all competitive anglers to wear a USCG approved personal flotation device (PFD) while on board a vessel of any type.  All competitive anglers must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations of boating safety while competing.  Violators will be immediately disqualified from monthly contests without reimbursement.
No illegal substances, or non-prescribed drugs may be used at any time while participating in any event. Drug use is strictly prohibited. Any participant found to be under the influence within reasonable suspicion will be immediately disqualified from monthly contests without reimbursement.  


Reel ‘em in cold & May the fish be with you!