Chill-N-Reel™ Original (OG)

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It's the only drink holder you can fish with! Chill-N-Reel’s™ patented and unique approach to hand-line fishing keeps you hydrated and having fun for hours!

Made in the USA, each Original Chill-N-Reel comes fully equipped with just about everything you need to immediately get to chillin' and reelin' -- and all you have to do is add your favorite bait and, of course, a frosty beverage!


The original Chill-N-Reel™  (Ideal for freshwater small game fishing):

-> 1 Chill-N-Reel hard outer shell

-> 1 Chill-N-Reel drink insulator

-> 50 feet of 8lb test fishing line

-> 1 hook

-> 1 sinker


Rebel Fishing Alliance offers a few upgraded versions of the Chill-N-Reel™


Now grab yourself some bait and an ice-cold drink and you are ready to Chill-N-Reel!




The patented Chill-N-Reel product is


manufactured, assembled, shipped from

Tulsa and Sand Springs, Oklahoma