The Fish Grip®

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The Fish Grip grabs the fish by the lip and holds it like pliers. Safe for the fish and the angler.  It is approximately 10 inches long.

The Fish Grip is made of sturdy THRIVE composite which keeps it lightweight and allows it to float.

This products is proudly made in the USA.

Notice to Conservation-Minded Anglers: Anglers who wish to release their catch in a relatively unharmed condition should discontinue the ancient practice of lifting a fish from the water by its mouth.  Recent scientific studies reveal that this could possibly be a death sentence, especially for larger fish.  Though they may vigorously swim away after being photographed, weighed, and released, fish could slowly hemorrhage and die if held up by the mouth.  A fish’s delicate internal organs are shifted and damaged by gravity alone when held out of the water in a vertical position.  We strongly recommend gaining good control of a fish while it is still in the water by clamping the Fish Grip onto its jaw.  This will enable the angler to more securely lift the fish horizontally from the water with a hand under the fish’s belly for support.