Stay on target sticker lol

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Flying through mangrove tunnels in your skiff, fighting off TIE mosquitos and dodging egret bombs from above… you see an opening ahead with an oyster bar surrounded by lush sea grass and a spotted tail lashing the surface of the water.  

Your targeting computer activates and you try to calm your nerves… then you hear a familiar voice in your head… “May the fish be with you”

Without even remembering the cast your awaken from your zen trance to your reel screaming with a 40” bruiser on the end of the line!  

The Stay on target stickers are printed on  thick, durable vinyl protecting your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.  Tat up your coolers, kayaks, gear or whatever floats your boat with the memory of the mangrove tunnel trench run!  May the fish be with you!