SpiderWire Stealth® Blue Camo

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Anglers who fish "blue water" will find SpiderWire Stealth® Blue Camo Braid™ the ideal choice for line-shy fish. This premium braid is uniquely colored with varying blue, white, and black sections that blend naturally with the blue water environment, ensuring the lowest possible visibility at all depths. Because it's made from Dyneema®, known as The World's Strongest Fiber, Stealth Blue Camo Braid is exceptionally thin for its pound-test rating, adding to its low-vis properties. Incredibly strong, smooth, and round with a fluoropolymer Color-Lock coating, Blue Camo shoots easily and quietly through rod guides and moves silently through open water. This line is formulated to lay evenly on the reel spool without digging in, and because it does not stretch, delivers incredible sensitivity and hooksetting power. Ideal for casting or trolling, in fresh- or saltwater.


  • The ideal choice for line-shy fish
  • Smooth fluoropolymer Color-Lock coating
  • High strength, ultra-thin diameter
  • Ideal for casting or trolling, in fresh- or saltwater
  • Varying blue/white/black color pattern designed to blend naturally with open blue water conditions
  • Dyneema® PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth, and round
  • Fluoropolymer treated microfibers - shoots through guides like a bullet!
  • Whisper quiet for "Stealth Attacks"
  • Resists digging in on reels