Savage Gear Duratech RTF Crab

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Winner, 2021 ICAST® Best Saltwater Soft Lure. The Savage Gear Duratech Crab is the ideal bait for bottom fish that feed on crustaceans, both inshore and offshore. Made of Savage Gear's nearly indestructible DuraTech soft plastic, this lifelike bait will stretch without tearing, forcing fish to hold on and eliminating the need to constantly re-rig. Extremely realistic body detail; comes pre-rigged with embedded weight and heavy-duty saltwater hook. Just tie on and cast!  All sizes are rigged on an ultra-sharp 3x high carbon steel hook for quick point penetration and superior holding power. The plastic body is infused with a specially formulated scent and a built-in rattle to trigger aggressive feeding reactions from inshore game fish of many varieties. 

  • 2021 ICAST award winner
  • Ideal for saltwater bottom feeders
  • Made of ultra-tough DuraTech plastic
  • Supersoft material stretches without tearing
  • Extremely realistic design
  • Pre-rigged with weight and heavy-duty hook
Length 1"
Weight 1/3 oz.
Model Number 4170
Hook Size 1/0
Pack Quantity 2

Length  1-1/2"
Weight  1/2 oz.
Model Number  4180
Hook Size  1/0
Pack Quantity 1
Length 3/4"
Weight 1/4 oz.
Model Number 4168
Hook Size 1
Pack Quantity 2