Rod & Paddle Tether Pack

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Don’t want to lose your gear to an unsightly slip of the hand or tip of the boat/kayak?  Well handcuff you’re rod, paddle, or any type of gear for that matter with our RFA rod and paddle tethers!

    Made of high quality, high strength copolymer (ABS plastic & nitrile rubber) wrapped in high visibility reflective sheathing and hand made right here in the great USofA by veterans!  These are like tethering your gear with magical hairs from a unicorn!  

   These tethers are specifically designed for fishing rods and kayak paddles but will work for tethering any type of gear to your boat, kayak, wade or shore cart, or rainbow poop emoji floaty!  

   + for every pack sold, Rebel Fishing Alliance will donate a tether pack to Heroes on the Water!  Helping provide therapy to wounded Veterans, First Responders and their family through the medium of kayak fishing and the outdoors!  

This pack includes:

  • 1 small (rod cuff) tether 
  • 1 large (paddle or rail cuff) tether 
  • 1 RFA bait towel (hand towel) 
  • 1 Heroes on the Water safety whistle with attached PFD tether
  • 4 aluminum carabiner clips 
  • RFA decal pack 
  • 5” Heroes on the Water Proud Supporter Decal