RFA Inshore Leader Spool Box

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A strong leader can be your last line of defense between you and the heartbreak of watching the big one break free. So, keep your leaders in top shape with our ProLatch® Leader Spool Box. It holds six leader spools up to one inch wide, and rubber line guides in the base transfer your leaders to your mainline tangle-free. 

Rebel Fishing Alliance took it one step further and added the most popular leader sizes you’ll need for inshore/nearshore saltwater fishing in either monofilament or fluorocarbon materials.  Starting with 15 lbs test and gradually increasing to finish at 80 lbs test you’ll be sure to have the right size of leader perfectly organized when you need it!  We even labeled the ProLatch® Leader Spool Box so you’ll know at quick glance which leader is which.

Leader Sizes included:

  • 15lbs 
  • 25lbs 
  • 30lbs 
  • 40lbs 
  • 60lbs 
  • 80lbs