RFA Baitfish Chum

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 Tropical formulated fish chum for attracting saltwater bait fish.  This performance chum is a secret formula that is powerful, convenient and long lasting. Attract a variety of baitfish species. Great product to have on hand - easy to store, long shelf life, minimal odor.  Start with the handy container for a convenient mixing and storage container (perfect stowaway size for boat or kayak) and replenish with the 4lbs bag as needed!


  • Makes it easier to catch bait
  • Attracts bait fish to you
  • Great for cast-netting or using a sabiki rig
  • Disperses in water column and attracts many species
  • Spend less time getting bait and more time fishing

Directions for Use: Place the desired amount of the attractant into a bucket or other container. Slowly add water (fresh or salt) and mix until a thick grits-like consistency is obtained. Scoop a handful of the mixture, compress into a ball and toss in the water.  This will attract and concentrate baitfish along the dispersing chum slick. Continue tossing at regular intervals to maintain a consistent chum slick. Use the movement of the tide or current to your advantage and watch the “flashes” gather. To catch bait use sabiki rigs or a bait cast net.