Pro-Cure Super Gel Bait Scent

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Super sticky, super strong, & super effective scent for plugs, spinners, spoons, hoochies, flashers, soft plastics, swim baits, etc! 

Made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids, the Pro-Cure® Super Gel Fish Attractant has become one of the hottest fish attractants for all species, in all waters. Its thick, sticky base strongly adheres to lures, spoons, spinners, swim baits, soft baits, and more, retaining its effectiveness long after competing products have completely washed out. Each Pro-Cure Super Gel variety also incorporates UV enhancement for additional visual appeal to fish without compromising your lure color. Simply apply Pro-Cure Super Gel Fish Attractant to any artificial bait. Select from a wide range of freshwater and saltwater formulas.

  • One of the hottest fish attractants for any species, any water
  • Made from real bait; enhanced with powerful amino acids
  • Strongly adheres to all lure types
  • Ultra-long term effectiveness
  • UV enhancement for extra visual appeal
  • Both freshwater and saltwater formulas available