Penn Spinfisher SSVI6500 Spinning Reel

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You really want to know why we endorse and carry these Spinfisher reels???  Can you handle the truth?  It might hurt your feelings....   Well here goes, like our Chief Scruffy Looking Nerf Herding founder, you’re not as good of an angler as you think! Yup, we said it.  Here is why you need a reel like this Spinfisher VI:  You’re sitting there in your Skiff or Kayak drifting off into la la land and BAM!!!!!  A 40” line slider just grabbed your bait and is running with all the power that her thick shoulders can pull toward the mangroves.  Do you know how to stop her?  Good thing you made the smart decision to buy quality with full metal body, CNC gear technology and beefy sealed bearing system, no issues cranking down to battle with this bruiser!  Not to mention you have more line capacity in a thinner, lighter body because of the superline spool (no need for mono backing) and line capacity rings to let you know when its time to cup the spool in the absence of the warning track that was the mono backing.   Let’s just hope you remembered to tie fresh leader. 

You need another reason?  We all know how impatient and sometimes absent minded you can be.  This generally equates to more salt spray that is needed to be covering our gear, the occasional ooops when our reel is accidentally dipped in the salt, or forgetting (or dare we say improperly) rinsing your equipment when done for the day....  The IPX5 sealed body and spool design has you covered.  This reel will last in spite or your impatience and googaness mind sometimes showing up.  Buy it you’ll be happy you did!  


  • IPX5 Sealed body and spool design
  • CNC Gear technology 
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers 
  • 5+1 Sealed stainless steel ball bearing system 
  • Full Metal Body 
  • Superline Spool 
  • Line Capacity Rings 
  • Sizes 6500-10500 have manual bail trip