Owner® TwistLOCK™ weighted shank hook 3 pack

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Get your bait to the strike zone with the Owner® TwistLOCK™ 3X Weighted Hooks. The TwistLOCK Centering-Pin Spring is attached to the hook eye and allows you to get the perfect rig on any bait every single time. Simply insert the pin into the center of the nose and then twist onto the coil spring for a secure set-up. Additional features include a non-movable weight attached to the shank, a super needle point, and 30° eye bend.  These hooks are perfect for fishing shallow flats and bays with soft plastic baits. Almost any soft plastic lure can be effectively fished on this hook.


  • Weighted shank allows for a more natural profile when retrieving the lure which significantly increases strikes
  • TwistLOCK™ Centering-Pin Spring attached to hook eye keeps soft plastics in place and generally allows you to land more fish on one bait
  • Non-movable weight attached to the shank
  • Open gap means more positive and effective hook sets
  • 30° eye bend
  • XXX-strong forged shank. These hooks are very sharp and strong, so they can easily handle big snook/reds and even tarpon
  • Super Needle Point
  • Black chrome finish
  • Model No: 5132W

Size Recommendations for soft plastics and water conditions:

  • 3/0 & 4/0 sizes with 1/16th oz weight for 3" to 5” soft plastic lures in water depths 1’-3’ with slower moving currents
  • 3/0 & 4/0 sizes with 1/8 oz weight: 3" to 5” soft plastic lures in water depths 3’-6’ with moderate moving currents 
  • 5/0 with 1/8th oz weight: 4" to 10" or larger profile soft plastic lures in water depths 2’-10’ ft with moderate moving currents

Here's an example of how to rig a soft plastic bait using this hook: