Owner® 5179 SSW In-line circle 5 pack

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Owner® 5179 Circle Hooks - Tough and Affordable

Owner® 5179 circle hooks are designed with a straight eye and in-line shank that qualifies them as being "Tournament Legal".  As many tournaments continue to encourage anglers to use circle hooks for billfish, a quality circle hook such as this is recommended.  Owner circle hooks have an an all-purpose medium shank and an incredibly sharp hangnail style point.  Owner finishes these with a very durable corrosion resistant black chrome finish. These hooks are ideal for presenting big live baits to gamefish.  The Miami Billfish Association has approved these hooks for Sailfish.  We sell them in 5 count packs.

  • Forged Ring Eye 
  • Wide gap straight eye 
  • hangnail point 90˚ to shank 
  • Black chrome finish 

Prop 65 Label