Off Shore Bottom Fishing Box

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This Plano Flex 3700 series tackle box fits everything you need for a day trip offshore fishing bottom for grouper, snapper, and more!  

Contents include:

  • 3 different sizes of Trokar Lancet Inline Circle hooks 
  • 100 yds each of 60lbs and 80lbs Seaguar Inshore Fluorocarbon leader
  • 5lbs of various bank sinker lead weights (10oz, 8oz, 6oz) 
  • 10 Triple swivel rigs with 25lbs weight line with  pre-tied loop knot 
  • 3 RFA Stinger rigs on 7strand for flat lining baits atop of water column 
  • ball bearing stainless crane swivels with coast lock snap 
  • Venting tool for life preserving non harvested catches 
  • Bait knife for prepping live baits and or processing chum bits or cut bait 


Over $250 worth of terminal tackle and still plenty of room for RFA Sabiki kits, slow pitch and speed jigs, de-hooker tools, deep water bucktail jigs, and so much more!