Jupiter Kayak Tactics and Tackle Wholesale

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A great way to add local flair, knowledge, and convenience to your shops product offering!  Veteran made in the U.S.A!  These tactics and tackle packs include everything an angler needs to catch that bucket list fish they came to this area for!  

packs include:

  • Leader sample pack of 4 different popular brands and test lbs.  
  • top water lure 
  • spoon lure 
  • 12 pack variety of soft plastics 
  • premium jig heads 
  • premium circle hooks 
  • Swivels with coastlock snap
  • variety of lead weights and beads 
  • popping cork 
  • local knowledge of fishing spots and launch areas 
  • knot tying diagrams 
  • rod and reel recommendations 
  • tactical instruction on rigging, reading the water, and what lure/pattern to use 


Dealer Information: 

  • MSRP $50.00
  • Minimum order quantity of 6.  
  • 3 different wholesale pricing options. 
  • Minimum 28% profit margin 
  • Flexible retail packaging for multiple display options 
  • Freight, Shipping or Delivery not included 
  • Quick order fulfillment 
  • Custom dealer display & collateral available upon request