Jolly Angler Holiday Supply Drop

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Pick from two options of tactical angling stockings stuffed with goodies for the angler in your life:

  • The Casual Angler: includes everyday angling necessities for the weekend warrior who loves to get out every once in a while.  Items vary but include:  NoNatz® all natural insect repellent, Chill-N-Reel™ insulated drink cooler that doubles as a hand line fishing tool, Rebel Fishing Alliance™ Bait Towel, RFA Pocket Tackle Box for live bait fishing, Rebel Fishing Alliance Morale patch  and sticker pack, Boat Trash Can bucket top, and more unique and functional fishing tools.  
  • The Fully Loaded Angler:  this stocking is loaded with premium tools, tackle, and accessories for the die hard angler.  This stocking includes all categories of the casual angler stocking but add premium soft plastics, swim baits, terminal tackle, and tools!    

Both options you can choose between saltwater or freshwater as far as the lures and tackle.  Don’t guess at what you’re angler wants for the Holidays, let the Alliance make you a Holiday Hero gift giver!  May the fish be with you!