Flambeau® Bait Butler™ Live Bait Management System

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The Flambeau® Bait Butler™  Live Bait Storage Accessory is a revolutionary new live bait retrieval system that solves the #1 problem in fishing. Fishing for bait in order to hook your fish is a hassel when it shouldn't be. The struggle stops here. The Flambeau® Bait Butler™ Live Bait Storage Accessory is an integrated lid system that fetches live bait for easy selection and keeps bait fresh, lively, calm and stress-free!  

  • Includes Flambeau® 6080FA Portable Aerator One
  • One-handed operation
  • Unified system quickly detaches with bait in net to easily change out water to keep bait fresher, longer
  • Features rod holder and rails for accessories and aerators
  • Pairs perfectly with the RFA Rope Handle Bucket (bucket not included) and fits most 5 gallon buckets *see our Bait Butler™ & RFA Bucket combo to save $
  • Constructed with rugged HDPE for durability
  • includes light stick attachment and 2 light sticks for night fishing
  • Made in the U.S.A.