D.O.A glass rattles

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Wake up the fish!
Large Rattles:
Best used with 6” Shrimp, Bait Busters, 4” Shad Tails, 5.5” Jerk Baits, Swimmin’ Mullets, and Big Terroreyz.

Small Rattles: Best used with 2.75”, 3” and 4” Shrimp, Softshell Crabs, Tough Guys, 3” Shad Tails, 4” Jerk Baits, Grub Paddle Tails, Curl Tails, Sna-Koils and Worms.

Rattles can be glued into a cavity with Superglue, or a hole can be made with a toothpick or small piece of brass tubing.