D.O.A. C.A.L. Jerk Bait

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Give inshore game fish a meal they'll eagerly attack. The D.O.A.® C.A.L. Jerk Bait has a plump, heavy body that's easy to rig and casts easily. Its long, supple tail delivers lifelike movement with every twitch.  

These D.O.A. Jerk baits may be used as a topwater or subsurface lure with a variety of great rigging options: 

  • Rig on a wide-gap worm hook with a D.O.A. Pinch weight on the hook shank for amazing darting and swimming action!  
  • Pair with your favorite jighead  
  • Rig on a twist lock hook (RFA’s preferred method) 


  • Plump, heavy body
  • Long, supple, high-action tail
  • Lifelike movement
  • Enhanced with natural baitfish oils
  • multiple rigging options 
  • Made in the U.S.A.