Custom Rod Commission deposit

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Deposit to secure components order and start on custom fishing rod commission.  

Deposits are non-refundable once materials have been ordered.  Balance of commissioned project due before client takes delivery of completed custom fishing rod.  

Total scope of project:

  • Vision Board/initial design created and delivered to client.  
  • once verbal or written approval accepted for initial design, client is responsible for paying $50 deposit to order components and start of custom fishing rod build. 
  • Provided no delays in sourcing material/rod components, typical custom rod commission builds are completed within 10 business days.
  • Client will be updated on progress during build and any changes in initial design will require written approval from client and subsequently could delay project completion dates.  
  • Changes in initial design could alter the total cost of the project and client is responsible for approving each revision or alteration from initial design.  Any increases in pricing from revisions or alterations of original design will be communicated in writing from Rebel Fishing Alliance within two business days and failure to approve cost increases or revisions of original design may result in loss of deposit and subsequently a forfeited contract for commission by the client. 
  • Client is responsible for any delivery or shipping charges above the quoted cost of custom fishing rod commission.  

Quoted cost of Fadzly Amir Commission of custom inshore fishing rod: $250.00 

All materials required are expected to be shipping normally and should be received at Rebel Fishing Alliance no later than April 22nd, 2022.  

Provided no changes or alterations are requested by Mr. Amir, the anticipated completion of this custom fishing rod commission should be no later than May 2nd, 2022. 

Deposit due to start commission: $50.00