Custom bump board & bucket combo

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The bump board to trump all others.  Designed with Kayak Anglers in mind but great to add to any vessel, shore cart, or wading caddy. 


  • 45” long
  • durable rigid construction
  • Shock cord lashings to secure those fish to ensure great photos
  • Tether ring in bump
  • includes slot regulations of Spotted Seatrout, Red Drum, and Snook
  • It floats

Veteran made in the USA!  Specifically designed and made for:  Sean Shearman Garnet and Gold Fishing Tournament 

Also includes the bucket to end all buckets!  The utility, oh the heavenly utility.  Live well, cooler, trash can, toilet, dry storage, gear tote, brag board, and so much more!  

What we love about this bucket is the durability and molded handle into the bottom of the bucket.  Whether toting ice or shrimp to the boat or using it to rinse the deck after cast netting bait, the bottom handle is priceless.  

On the boat we carry 2 nested together: 1 for dry storage the other we use for general utility (transporting ice & shrimp, basket for live bait when cast netting before transferring to live well, rinsing deck after cast netting, boat trash can throughout the day, etc)  

We always carry at least one in the bed of the truck.  We store all our boat and kayak cleaning products in one in the bed of the truck.  

For kayaks and shore/pier fishing we pair it with the Bait Butler ( Live Well & bait retrieval system) to keep your bait alive and healthy for hours while being easily accessible.  Or if we’re using artificials that day, we use it for dry storage and seating.  


  • 90 mil durable HDPE
  • Bottom handle allows firm grip
  • Still stacks like a traditional bucket & still holds 5 gallons 
  • Allow more accuracy when pouring
  • Minimizes risk & effort
  • Dimensions: 11.94” Top Dia. x 14.5” Hgt.
  • Modular with over 10 different RFA interchangeable accessories 
  • 100% American Made