Bruiser Baits Big Stick

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Built for generating big bites, the Bruiser Baits Big Stick presents a large profile that can easily get in and out of cover and tempt those kicker-sized fish into biting. Featuring a long, streamlined profile and infused with a heavy dose of salt, it provides a classic side-to-side quivering action on the fall that fish find absolutely irresistible.

The Big Stick also features a built-in hook pocket that provides superior weedless capabilities and makes it a perfect option for a variety of weighted and un-weighted applications. The rigging possibilities are endless. The Big Stick works great when rigged wacky style, Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, drop shot, and it even works extremely well on a shaky head. Available in a variety of big bass catching colors, the Bruiser Baits Big Stick provides plus sized attraction that will keep your livewell overflowing.

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6" 7