Wide-Bite™️ Inline Circle Hooks

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All purpose Live Bait circle hook.  Recommended for Saltwater & Freshwater catch and release.  Designed to improve the survival of fish that are released back to the water.  Tournament approved Addya™️ Wide-Bite™️ INLINE circle hooks have the widest gap to increase your hook up percentage.  All Wide-Bites are less than 1% offset with the point of the hook INLINE 90 degrees to the hook shank for the most effective catch and release performance.  Chemically sharpened, super power point remains sharp over multiple uses.  Addya™️ uses the highest quality carbon steel and exacting hook point technology.  

  • Dynamic Cutting Edge Point 
  • Aus-Tempered Carbon Steel to Increase Strength & Toughness
  • Tournament Approved 
  • Black Chrome 
  • Strong but Low Profile Body 
  • Anti-Rust Treatments to Battle Harsh Saltwater Use