SWFL HOW DOA Sample Pack

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Get some gear give some gear to a wounded Veteran or First Responder participating in some Paddle Fish Heal therapy!  For every pack sold we’ll donate one to Heroes on the Water.  

Inside this pack is everything you need for chasing inshore monsters wether you’re using live bait or sampling the variety of D.O.A soft plastic lures included.  Here is what you’ll get:

  • 1 RFA bait towel 
  • 1 RFA Live Bait Inshore pocket tackle box
  • 30’ of 30lbs Seaguar Blue Label fluorocarbon leader 
  • 4 Owner 2/0 MUTU light circle hooks 
  • Variety of split shot sinker weights 
  • 4 D.O.A. CAL 4” Jerk Shad soft baits (color variety pack)
  • 4 D.O.A CAL 3” Shad tail paddle tail soft baits (color variety pack)
  • 2 Owner 3/0 XXX Strong needle point twist lock hooks 
  • 2 D.O.A 1/8th pinch weights 
  • 2 D.O.A Rigged 3” shrimp 
  • 2 D.O.A small Glass rattles 
  • 2 D.O.A 1/16th oz short shank chartreuse jig heads 
  • RFA Decal pack 
  • 5” Heroes on the Water proud supporter decal 
  • Knot tying and rigging tutorials 
  • 10% Coupon code for supply drop refills from RFA store