Savage Gear Pulse Tail Mullet Line Thru (LT)

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Based off the 3D scan of a real mullet. This innovative swimbait looks and swims like the real thing which makes it an excellent tool for anglers hunting big fish in pressured waters. Its line through design prevents the hooked fish from using the lure as leverage to throw the hook

The Savage Gear Pulse Tail Mullet LT Swimbait is molded with Savage Gear’s split rear kicker tail, which outputs a heavy thumping action at all speeds, whether it is slowly dragged over mangrove points or swiftly moved passed laydowns and grass lines.

Providing anglers with a leg up on big fish, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Mullet LT Swimbait features a line through construction, which allows the bait to slide up the line during a fight, giving fish less leverage to throw the hook. Offered in a number of highly detailed colors, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Mullet LT Swimbait offers a blend of realistic design and hard-thumping action that all trophy hunters are sure to love. 

  • Built-in rattle 
  • Scented 
  • Heavy Duty Saltwater Hook 
  • Line Thru Construction 
  • High Quality Hand Painted Details