Lure Lock & D.O.A. Sample pack

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Get a Lure Lock tackle box stuffed with D.O.A C.A.L. Jerk baits, paddle tails, and pinch weights & Owner Rig’N HooK 3/0 & 4/0 hooks! We’ll even throw in an RFA Leader Sample pack!  Everything you need  (tackle wise) to slay inshore gamefish!  

This kit includes:

1 Lure Lock small tackle box (LL3-3101) 

D.O.A C.A.L. 4.5” Jerk bait sample pack of 8 different colors 

D.O.A C.A.L. 3.5” Paddle Tail sample pack of 8 different colors

3 Owner Rig’N HooK 3/0 hooks 

3 Owner Rig’N HooK 4/0 hooks 

D.O.A C.A.L. 1/8oz Pinch Weights 

2  D.O.A C.A.L. 1/4os Pinch Weights 

1   RFA Leader Sample Pack with 4 different leader types and weight