Bait Butler and RFA Rope Handle Bucket combo

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This pairing is better than PB&J... better than Rock&Roll... better than bacon & anything...  What we love about this bucket is the durability and molded handle into the bottom of the bucket.  Whether toting ice or shrimp to the boat or using it to rinse the deck after cast netting bait, the bottom handle is priceless.  


For kayaks and shore/pier fishing we pair it with the Bait Butler ( Live Well & bait retrieval system) to keep your bait alive and healthy for hours while being easily accessible.    


  • 90 mil durable HDPE
  • Bottom handle allows firm grip
  • Still stacks like a traditional bucket & still holds 5 gallons 
  • Allow more accuracy when pouring
  • Minimizes risk & effort
  • Dimensions: 11.94” Top Dia. x 14.5” Hgt.
  • Modular with over 10 different RFA interchangeable accessories 
  • 100% American Made


The Flambeau® Bait Butler™  Live Bait Storage Accessory is a revolutionary new live bait retrieval system that solves the #1 problem in fishing. Fishing for bait in order to hook your fish is a hassel when it shouldn't be. The struggle stops here. The Flambeau® Bait Butler™ Live Bait Storage Accessory is an integrated lid system that fetches live bait for easy selection and keeps bait fresh, lively, calm and stress-free!  

  • Includes Flambeau® 6080FA Portable Aerator One
  • One-handed operation
  • Unified system quickly detaches with bait in net to easily change out water to keep bait fresher, longer
  • Features rod holder and rails for accessories and aerators
  • Constructed with rugged HDPE for durability
  • includes light stick attachment and 2 light sticks for night fishing
  • Made in the U.S.A.