Savage Gear® Twitch Reaper - Suspended Twitch Bait

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A combination sharply appealing visual features, a crisp erratic action, heavy duty hardware and infallible inner strength to deliver the sub-surface twitch bait every serious saltwater angler wish existed. 

• Line Thru Construction
• 4X Hooks
• Large Rattle Chamber
• High-Quality Holographic, UV and Superglow Finish
• Erratic Swimming Action

Starting with the eye candy, this 3” bait comes in four proven inshore/coastal colors: Greenie, Gold Black Back, Chrome Sardine, White Glow, Peanut Bunker and Chartreuse. No matter what water clarity and/or sky conditions you encounter, there’s a color for your day.

Adding to the bait’s convincing presence are finely crafted features like prominent eyes, molded mouth, gills, pectoral fins and scale patterns and a realistic baitfish profile. Aggressive predators may be less discerning, but when the bite is tough, these convincing details will push indecisive fish over the edge.

Complementing the Twitch Reaper’s visual appeal, a large internal rattle creates the high-pitch sonic attraction that sounds like a school of nervous baitfish. This sensory stimulant proves effective at calling in fish from afar and exciting those nearby.

Once a fish commits, the Twitch Reaper’s grabs hold with an unfailing grip, thanks to a pair of high quality 4X strong treble hooks that won’t straighten out. Solidifying the bait’s design, a sturdy through wire system prevents the hooks from being pulled out — a failure that can occur with standard hook anchors. Built with equal attention to attracting bites and capitalizing on them, the Twitch Reaper exemplifies the balance between performance and strength.