Hyperlastics™ Dartspin™ Pro 5.5”

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Hyperlastics Dartspin Pro Minnowbait

Patrick Sebile designed the Hyperlastics™ Dartspin™ Pro, a highly versatile minnow-shaped lure that closely emulates a fleeing baitfish, complete with flickering tail. Whether you swim it, twitch it, jig it, or even troll it, the Dartspin Pro's trailing willow blade darts and flashes to call fish in. The lifelike body is made of environmentally responsible SofTough material, which is both buoyant and extremely durable; a patent-pending screw system securely connects body, swivel, and blade. Molded slots make rigging on a jighead or wide-gap hook quick and easy. For fresh- or saltwater.

  • Designed by Patrick Sebile
  • Highly versatile minnowbait with tail spinner
  • Darting, flashing willow blade
  • Made of buoyant, durable SofTough material
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Patent-pending component connection system
  • Molded slots for easy rigging


A collection of Patrick Sebile designs, the Hyperlastics™ brand features extremely versatile and superior designs. These plastic baits imitate various predator-desired baits and feature molded in cavities for easy rigging options. These lures are designed to last longer than any other soft plastic you've ever seen!

All Hyperlastics™ lures are made using Softough™ soft plastic material. Softough™ is soft and pliable, yet extremely tough and durable! Hyperlastics™ lures often last for days of fishing and survive the punishment of catching many fish. “Better for the Angler, Better for Nature” is SofTough’s Motto. This material is extremely durable, allowing for more fishing time, less changing baits, and more fish per lure. Buoyant and lifelike, it is non-toxic and has no Phthalates, PVC or plastisol in its components.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Hyperlastics™ lures made with Softough™ material must be stored alone, not touching other soft plastics!  This is very important, as Softough touching other soft plastic lures will result in a melted mess. Please store your Hyperlastics lures away from other soft plastics.