Catch or Catch Not Custom Rod & Reel Combo

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This custom fishing rod and reel combo is the ultimate tool for fishing inshore saltwater!  “Catch or catch not there is no fishing!”  

Built on a MHX Light Saltwater blank, this particular rod features a carbon fiber handle tube adorned with comfy, high performance and control Winn Grips to seat a perfectly paired 4000 series Osprey Spinning Reel from Florida Fishing Products.  As you make your way up the rod, you’ll find American Tackle Co. components including a deluxe hook keeper and Microwave Spinning micro guides to cast a mile while reducing tendencies of forming wind knots or line twist!  The ring lock tip top is snag-less and built for durability to ensure your rod tip stays in tact.  Oh, and yes those guide threads and handle wrap does glow!!!  Lastly we’ve strung the Osprey reel with 300 yrds of matching Power Pro V2 Slick braided 15lbs line.  

MHX Light Saltwater Fishing Rod Blanks

This series was developed to perform flawlessly in many inshore and nearshore saltwater applications, but don’t overlook this series of rod blanks when taking on heavy duty freshwater fishing. Powerful, yet lightweight, these durable, high-grade graphite blanks are very capable of putting the pressure on multiple species of large fish, regardless of the type of water you are fishing in.

Winn Premium Fishing Grips

Winn is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer rod grips to fishermen. Its pursuit of the most technologically advanced rod grips mirrors Winn's pioneering efforts in golf, tennis, and bicycle grips and wraps. Winn grips facilitate the learning, enjoyment and performance level of participants at every level. Oh, and they look really cool too!


Top 3 Reasons To Use Winn Grips


Provides tacky, non-slip performance in all weather conditions including rain, snow and sub-freezing temperatures!


Provides all-day comfort with varied textures providing support and grip comfort where they are needed most!


Provides the angler with supreme control, longer, more accurate casting & better control when fighting big fish!


MicroWave™ Line Control System

Introducing the MicroWave Guide System by the American Tackle Company. Inventor Doug Hannon also known as “The Bass Professor” partnered with American Tackle to conceive, design and manufacture the perfect “line control” system for spinning rods.

The system addresses coiling-memory issues with monofilament but it’s ideal for braided lines and really something that has to be felt and seen to be believed. It provides noticeable advantages that standard guide trains cannot by combining science, practical application and custom rod building principles. Many long hours of theory, design & physical testing has resulted in possibly the most dynamic guide train developments to date.


American Tackle Ring Lock™ guides are designed for the ultimate in performance and durability. They incorporate a system of pressure fit, enlarged glue reservoir and increased contact area around the ceramic ring to dramatically reduce ring failure. Added bracing and unique frame features greatly reduce ring popping lateral torque through a more stable frame. ATLAS 316SS™ frame material adds tremendous strength to weight ratio giving this series of guides the edge to outlast and outperform all others.



After years of feedback from our fishing guides we have developed what we're calling, The Osprey Saltwater Series. The Osprey Saltwater Series is a, high-quality, economical, fish slayin', machine, that holds NO punches! Ridiculously strong double sealed drag, check. Reinforced zinc gears, check. Aircraft aluminum body with a Carbonlite rotor, check. Everything you need and more, check.


  • 4000 - Slot and overslot Redfish and Snook, Bruiser Jack Crevalle, Juvenile Tarpon in the 10 to 30 lbs class and other larger inshore species
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