RFA Baitfish Chum

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Chumming for Bait

The best way to start your trip off is to cast-net some fresh live bait. In order to obtain many different baits -- and lots of them -- you have to chum. There is nothing better than RFA Bait Fish Chum for attracting all varieties of baitfish. It is easy to store, use, and to adjust the consistency for the depth and type of water you're in, and also the type of baitfish you are trying to catch.  

Ideal for attracting bait fish such as pinfish, scaled sardines, Thread fins, etc. Mix a few cups of dried chum in provided 2 Gallon bucket with saltwater, menhaden oil, and/or canned jack mackerel to an oatmeal-like consistency.  Ball up palm sized clusters and drop into water within throwing distance of cast net while taking current and depth into consideration.  

You will know when the bait has come in by the silver flashes and ripples all over the surface. Throw the cast net and you're in business!

This chum kit comes with 1 Gallon bag(s) and 2 gallon storage and chumming bucket.  Need a cast net and live well/bait management solutions we have that too!  May the fish be with you!